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If you will….

Mercury Retrograde is all I have been hearing. Honestly, I understand the retrograde part.. I just don’t understand why people are using it as a “reason” to excuse their bad behaviour.

About me..


My name is Amelia and I am an evidential medium, psychic, empath and labelled by my mentor, Lorie Johnson, Goddess of Children. I tend to attract children’s spirits everywhere I go, as well as bring them home with me… lol… Yes, I adore them and yes, I try to cross them over.

I am generation upon generation of psychic mediums on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. My mother spent most of her life in denial, and hid all she could about these gifts in her family from me. My mother was a devout Roman Catholic who believed that having these gifts went against the church and what the Roman Catholics believed in. This of course we know as false now in modern day, but in the early 1800′s my great, great grandmother was labelled a “witch” in a small town in Southern Italy and it cast a darkness on the family name for years. For this reason, and clearly understood why now, it was never spoken of… just ignored or dismissed as imagination. My whole life I never felt as though I fit in. Making friends was easy, telling them about me.. not so much. So, I decided to block it off, think of it as just nuts at times really. It didn’t work, I continued to be fascinated by horror films, ghost stories… I even went to a Satanic Church outside of Toronto, Ontario and walked up the stairs to the front door and laughed…nothing frightened me. In my early 20′s, 24 to be exact, I married my wonderful husband John and moved to our beautiful home in Stoney Creek, Ontario…yes, same as the Battle of Stoney Creek war of 1812..uh huh.. you’ve got it.. haunted!! I started to hear voices, footsteps in my home.. and even smell gun smoke in my backyard. Dismissed it all as fear of living in the country alone, anxiety and depression playing with my mind. That changed fast. One night I heard footsteps back and forth above my head on the second floor, then I looked up and saw white mist. Thought nothing of it, a spirit walking through or my imagination…nope. The next morning I awoke to see an outline of a woman in her early 60′s and felt her sit on the end of my bed; I looked at her, she felt warm and loving so I wasn’t afraid, and then she disappeared. At this point I was really a concerned about my mental health living in another city with only one friend and alone a lot… so I called in a priest to bless the house. All said and done, the blessing went like any normal blessing of the house, yet the sounds and mists continued. I then decide to bring in a friend who is a natural born psychic. Great idea right? My one and only friend at the time, Lena Holstein, comes over and walks the same steps I would hear from the main floor. Lena says to me, “I see an older woman and she walks from the front bedroom to your master bedroom, she is trying to find you, she is your maternal grandmother”. I was stunned.. because in that front bedroom on the shelf was my maternal grandmother’s childhood doll. Lena then goes on to explain to me that the doll was always in the same room as I was so no need to look for me; she was right. That night I called my mom and told her what Lena had told me, she began to cry and told me that for the last year she had been praying and asking her mother to watch over me and keep me safe. I then laughed and told my mother to tell Nonna to go back home!! lol!! Well, this meant, that I, Amelia, 24 years old with no experience what so ever in crossing anyone over, had to cross over my grandmother whom I never met in the physical world. Needless to say, my mother and I had many conversations about family history, and even stories of my experiences as a child, that she had never told me. My mother was highly intuitive, and decoded dreams like no one’s business. Sadly I lost her in 1996, heart disease due to complications of diabetes.. She died at the age of 66, just as her mother did years ago. Funny, I see my mother at times, but never when I ask..lol. My mother is in the light when I am helping someone to cross over.. thank you mom

I have had a couple of NDE’s (near death experiences), but nothing like the one I had 2 years ago. I went into surgery, and the schedule was changed to an hour later, but not the IV pack.. Morphine in the IV.. I am fatally allergic. Took them almost 10 hours to “wake” me, and many white coats coming to my room to apologize and make sure I wasn’t going to sue. I didn’t. Slowly, as I recovered, I found my abilities to grow and become stronger. I did a lot of research online and tests to see what I could do, and in this process I met Lorie Johnson.. one year ago. Lorie told me that I was highly gifted and that one day we would be working together. Guess what, she was right. Thanks Lorie!! I worked on cold cases, active missing children’s cases, active murder cases and in all of this I became stronger. I do many what I call “grief” readings; a connection to a recent passed loved one, messages or whispers from Heaven. Its what I love to do most; the greatest thing I can give to someone is the “knowing” that their loved one has moved forward into a spiritual world and they are happy and healed. That their loved one continues and is always with them.. through validation, evidence..I leave them feeling at peace, and that is a gift to me as well. I thank God for my gifts everyday, and I pray I continue to help others with them.

A special thank you to my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter for supporting me in this, even though it is so difficult at times, you both support me more than you know and more than I expected.. love you both forever and always.